Estimates- can be given from measurements or from most drawings. Actual price will be based off Template.


Template- We will come to the job site and make a drawing or “Template” of the work to be completed. Cabinets must be in place and attached prior to template. If you are just replacing your existing counter tops we can template over your old counter tops without having to remove them, providing the cabinets will not be moved after template. This would be a good time to finish up selecting the Granite or Marble you would like. As well as selecting your Edge Profile, Sinks, Faucets and if necessary Corbels (supports for overhangs greater then 5”). Cancelation Fee: Will be charged if templated job not completed by Stone Crazy Inc.


Proposal- After we have the actual template we will create or revise the Proposal for you. We can either call, fax or e-mail this to you. Prior to starting the Fabrication we will need from you a Signed Proposal, 50% deposit, type of Granite or Marble you have selected, Edge Profile, Sink and Faucet information.  


Fabrication- Will begin once all information is gathered and approved by you (the client), through a signed proposal and 50% deposit.


Installation-  Times can vary, generally we will install within 2 weeks after Template assuming all information needed to complete job has been acquired. Please contact our office after template and we will  be able to give a date for install.  Installation Guidelines .


Care Instructions- Granite is a hard and porous stone that can be affected by most chemicals, but with simple cleaning will stay beautiful for years. Here are few recommendations to help keep your surfaces clean:

  1. Regularly wipe the surface.

  2. Use a little, stone soap, or mild liquid dish washing detergent and warm water.

  3. Too much cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks.

  4. Use a clean cloth to dry.

  5. Products containing acids should be avoided. Acid in high concentration can etch the surface. Lemon juice, vinegar, ammonia products should be avoided.

  6. After using the soap solution, the surface should be rinsed and dried completely.  

  7. Do not use powders or creams that may cause scratches.

  8. Have Granite re-sealed at least once a year. This can vary depending on the lightness or darkness of material.

  9. Try to avoid contact of hot oil applied to surface. I.E. Hot frying pan set down on counter.

Here are couple useful forms Edge Profile and Installation Guidelines *Note you will need Adobe PDF Reader to read these forms you can get it here.

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